About Radiance

Based in Theale (Berkshire) in a delightful therapy room, you will experience a range of holistic treatments at Radiance. With a holistic approach, Sarah treats her clients with care and empathy with a practical, easygoing approach.

Her approach to treatment enables you to experience the therapies offered in a comfortable environment whilst enjoying an individually designed treatment. This sense of relaxation and calm allows the treatments to maximise their effectiveness provided by a professional, fully qualified and insured therapist.

The Treatment

The first treatment starts with a consultation during which your health, lifestyle, diet, exercise and emotional wellbeing are discussed. This allows the therapist to determine the treatment style and techniques, for example the essential oils to be used and the areas to be worked on. Soft gentle music will transport you to another world allowing you to escape your hectic life whilst you enjoy your treatment.

After the initial treatment you will be advised on the program recommending future treatments and tips for a healthier way of life. The program is as individual as you are, some find they initially need weekly treatments, whilst others on a monthly basis.