Pregnancy & Children

£35 – Back Massage  /  £45 – Reflexology

Both therapies at Radiance Therapy are wonderful for mother, baby and child. It is the standard recommendation that expectant mothers avoid complementary therapies within the first trimester (months 1-3) and we follow these recommendations as much as possible. Often mum is unaware that she is pregnant during the early stages, but your therapist will discuss this possibility during your initial visit.


Many ladies, and their partners, find that falling pregnant is not as easy as they first thought. Using Aromatherapy and Reflexology you can teach your body to become more relaxed and balanced, creating a peaceful environment ideal for conception. Some couples find that simply creating a nuturing enviroment, they naturally fall pregnant without medical intervention. If you do need to venture into the world of medicine, Radiance Therapy can be there to support you through the process, again keeping the enviroment calm and at ease.


As pregnancy progresses mum can use therapies to keep her relaxed and prepare for the birth. Backache will be alleviated, or at the very least eased; swollen ankles (oedema) will be soothed and general health will be cared for. After all, if you can’t nuture yourself (and your baby) at this fabulous time of your life – when can you?

Post Natal

When baby has arrived they just love to experience massage and reflexology. Instinctively you will massage your baby, and not realise you are doing so,whenever you apply creams/lotions to the skin and when you tickle their toes. Evidence shows that babys who are regularly ‘pampered’ by a close relative – mum or dad ideally – form a stronger bond and are generally more at ease. Don’t forget yourself at this stage, you may be feeling tired and exhausted during the early weeks – the perfect time to treat yourself and give you some valuable time out.


As children develop their needs change and you will find an active toddler less likely to want to be massaged – however an occassional foot massage will encourage them to spend a few quiet moments with you, when they are relaxed at bath-time is ideal. You never know, they may learn enough to treat you as they get older!

Aromatherapy is particularly useful for children of this age as the become susceptible to colds and infections. By using oils such as tea tree, lavender and eucalyptus we can alleviate the symptoms and banish bugs from the home.

I am available to consult on treating children and advise you. Please call or email for more details.

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