£50 – 1 hour treatment

As with aromatherapy, reflexology will help you to wind down and ease away the stresses and strains of everyday life. Stress plays an ever-increasing role in determining the state of our health. Stress manifests itself in many forms, headaches, migraines, insomnia, backache, stomach upsets. Reflexology will bring a calmer state to your body and you may find that as a result some of the niggles dissipate. You should, after only a few treatments, begin to achieve a more balanced mind, body and spirit.

History of Reflexology

It is believed that as far back as 2330BC in Egypt, reflexology was used as a form of massage on both hands and feet. It was considered by the American Indians to be useful in maintaining physical, mental and spiritual balance. More recently a physiotherapist—Eunice Ingham—developed the modern reflexology in use today. Her first book, published in 1938 was translated into many languages and used throughout the world. Since her death in 1974, her nephew Dwight Byers, has spread the message and has shown the same dedication as his aunt by promoting reflexology around the world.

Reflexology Today

Reflexology is mainly used to bring about harmony and balance. Over 75% of all health problems can be linked to stress and tension. Reflexology helps stimulate the blood flow, therefore increasing the flow of oxygen. This in turn helps the body to repair itself when under attack from germs and stress.

Evidence 1. 35 women who complained of PMS symptoms were randomly treated to hand and foot reflexology. All kept a daily diary, monitoring 38 symptoms on a 4 point scale. Repeated treatments showed that a significantly greater decrease of symptoms occured in those given true reflex as opposed to placebo treatments