Thai Foot Massage

£45 – 1 hour treatment

An ancient oriental treatment techinque working on the feet and lower legs, stimulating reflex points and sen lines.

And why do we need it?

This treatment is ideal for everyone looking for a holistic approach to their health care. By massaging and stimulating reflex points and sen lines circulation improves, toxins removed, the immune system will be boosted and general stiffness reduced.  Many people find that they are initially tired and very relaxed following the treatment, with a boost of energy for a few days following. Sleep patterns may become more regular as the body returns to a naturally balanced state.

History of Thai Foot Massage

Traditionally in Thai massage, the aim is to treat many body systems with one style of treatment.  Dating back to the mid 19th Century, Buddhist monks at the ancient Wat Po monastry in Bangkok developed a range of therapies for their King.  This centre has remained the source for many forms of Thai Massage.

Thai Foot Today

So why do we need such an ancient therapy today?  Very simply, because it is a fabulous treatment ideal for almost everyone.  Unlike massage it is not necessary for the client to remove any clothing other than their shoes and socks and is suitable for use in a wide variety of locations – home, clinic, offices – wherever there is space.  The treatment is great for stress related conditions, which often are the root of other symptoms.  By tackling stress we can aim to reduce the effects on both mind and body. Thai Foot Massage is a more vibrant treatment than reflexology and therefore unsuitable for those with hip problems.  It is amazingly energising.

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